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Is the cost of single use of medical grade silicone hose high?

The production of a single-use medical grade silicone hose has successfully reduced the cost, reduced the risk of pollution, and improved efficiency by turning the single-use system from energy. The single-use system or SUS in medical use simplifies the cleaning verification, use it once, and discard it. Each system uses platinum curing, VI silicone tubing and hoses or AdvantaFlex® VI biopharmaceutical grade tubing peristaltic pump for application customization. Add connectors, stoppers and container closures, filters, bottles, labeling and tracking options, and other components. 
The single-use silicone hose can be used for implantation in any item. 
The main features are :
customized production and assembly from various components. Reduce the cost and time of assembly labor for the end user. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Save energy and resource costs by eliminating cleaning and autoclaving. Elimination of certain clean verification requirements for mass production while providing flexibility and speed in facility design, the redesigned system achieves faster than hard pipe and lower cost process development and design compared to hard pipe system assembly and packaging in a level 7 (Class 10,000) ISO certified clean room can provide a method that meets ISO 11137 VDmax 10-6 log restoration verification sterility assurance. 
Product packing bag with records are traceable. Documented quality control on product packaging. Experienced engineer offers technical assistance for tubing and molded connections. Provide a single, material-free contact surface for animal-derived components. Complete verification of packaging requirements. Optional RFID tags. The components can be easily connected to identify the purpose from the beginning to the disposal, providing reliable electronic data storage and the current state of the components.


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