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How to store food grade silicone hose?

I don’t know how to store food-grade silicone hoses after purchase and use. In fact, the treatment method is similar to other types of silicone hoses, which are sterilized at high temperatures, but medical grade silicone hoses may be more stringent. After all, some bacteria cannot be killed at high temperatures. Now let’s talk about how to handle and store food grade silicone tubing.

Food grade silicone tubing

Food-grade silica gel is a high-quality transparent food silica gel with high transparency and stability. It can withstand high temperatures up to 250°C and will not be reduced when heated in a sealed environment. Food-grade silica gel is made of good silica gel (new imported food-grade silica gel raw materials), processed by scientific formula and advanced technology. The product has the characteristics of softness, high temperature resistance and stable performance. Today, in a healthy diet, food-grade silicone has gradually replaced food-grade plastic.

In fact, silicone hose products can be sterilized with +250℃ (+482℃F) hot air or +135℃ (+275℃F) steam at 3.5 bar pressure, and the disinfection time is 1.5 hours +135℃(+275℃F)), the time interval is 1 hour, so that the hose used to restore the steady state steam will change the organic matter and swelling properties of the silicone rubber.

Here, silicone hose is not recommended for conveying abrasive products. Similarly, if the food-grade silicone hose is not used temporarily, it should be cleaned, then sterilized with a silicone hose, and then placed on a dry shelf to avoid exposure to sunlight and ozone to prevent it from being placed in chemicals. The interface uses 45℃ or 90℃ bending head and tail to ensure that dust and harmful substances enter the pipeline.



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